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Another cool service (similar to Streampad) built to stream the music from your (or anyone’s) Tumblr blog all in one player.


I’m really happy announce the release of a project I’ve been working on: trntbl.

In a sentence, trntbl turns any tumblelog into a playlist.

Trntbl started out as a simple way for me listen to my music when I forgot my iPod at home, but I’ve found it to be a useful method of finding great new music.  I’m excited to share trntbl with everyone, and I hope you can take some time to check it out and let me know what you think.

A couple of quick notes:

  • If you want to remove an audio post from your trntbl, add the tag tt:skip to the associated Tumblr post

  • If you want to change the background image of your trntbl, add the tag tt:aa to any Tumblr photo post which has a hi-res version

  • The current method I’m using for grabbing the song artist / title is basic, and not always accurate.  If you want to specify what text is outputted in your trntbl for a particular track, add the tag tt:[output] where [output] is whatever you’d like displayed (for example, tt:she & him - you really got a hold on me).  You could also email Tumblr support and ask them to add ID3 tag support to the API (please, guys?).

  • Each player has the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • Left / right arrows - previous / next song
    • Space - play / pause
    • The ‘m’ key - mute / unmute

For various reasons, many thanks to Anne-Sophie, Jessica, David, and Jen.   Also, to Tumblr, for providing this wonderful platform, and to everyone who uses it to post amazing music.

Happy listening!

- Alex

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Ticketmaster Joins Live Nation, and an Industry Quakes - »

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Pianist Lang Lang plays flight of the bumblebee…on an iPad

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hey amber rae: Dear Pandora and music platforms trying to make cash money... your model sucks. »

That said, a few ways Pandora might improve their platform and advertising model:

  • Improve artist/station prediction model to be based on mood/listening style: tap into how the user feels in the moment and the scenario in which they’re listening to music (writing, working out, cleaning, party, sexy time, etc.) - predict accordingly.
  • Location-based advertising: Say I live in New York and Whitley comes on through the XX station… Say tickets for a Whitley show are going on sale in a week - BINGO! Perfect advertising opportunity.
  • Location+artist-based advertising: Similar to above, artists could be recommended based on when they will be in town in your city. Since I live in New York, the new artists I’m exposed to could purely be from a pool of artists coming to NYC in the next 3 months. This not only provides a compelling and relevant advertising opportunity but it also creates an immediate call-to-action for me (if i like the music) and a way for me to sustain my interest in the band.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela | Tamacun

I want to see these two live. They blend together metal sensibility with Latin overtones, and have chops to spare. I was going to just post the audio track, but it’s worth seeing just to understand how intricate and technical their guitar playing is, as well as the way they incorporate percussion simultaneously. Stunning.

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Why Americans Don’t Like Jazz »

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SRV Pride and Joy (unpluged)

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